Other Services

We offer additional services to our clients. All of these options are offered to help you feel more comfortable with you monetary decisions and to prepare you to make better choices over time. Below are highlighted some of these services. We also offer other options in addition to what is listed here, so never hesitate to ask us if we can help with decisions you need to make.

Estate Planning: We want to make sure that your future and the future of your family is secure. To this end, we have a full plan of action that can help you handle your finances in ways that protect your assets. We will analyze your current financial status and then take a look at where you want to be in the future. We will then make professional recommendations to minimize inheritance taxes, while still meeting your personal priorities. We can work together on creating and implementing a plan that preserves your legacy.

Business Start-ups: For those who wish to start a new business, we can help you in many ways. There are lots of choices that need to be made before you actually start the business. If you don’t think about these things up front, you will end up with hassles that could easily have been prevented, and your new business could potentially fail because you weren’t prepared. We will assist you in setting up the best entity type for your business including preparing your Articles of Organization, getting your federal ID number and applying for the appropriate state licenses. Please contact us so that we can work with you to customize a package to meet your unique needs.